Unique and Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas

It can be surprisingly hard to decide on the perfect wedding gift for a friend or a family member. Everyone wants to purchase a wedding gift that is going to be cherished and appreciated for years to come by the couple and there is such a plethora of choice out there, it can be difficult to come up with a unique wedding gift that is also special. It can be especially nice to choose something that the couple may have a connection with but it is also somewhat different.

Irish Wedding Blessings

An unusual and yet traditional wedding gift idea is a set of Irish blessings in modern prints that bestow good wishes to the couple for their future years together. ‘May the road rise to meet you’, May the sun shine warm upon your face’ and ‘May the wind be always at your back’ are well known traditional Irish blessings that once would have tripped off the tongue. They are now making a comeback and are available in contemporary typographical prints in various colour combinations and sizes. Framed as a trio, they make lovely irish wedding blessings and although traditional, Irish blessings by Love Ireland are also something new and different.

Irish Wedding Presents

With so many people having an Irish connection (apparently over 40million people worldwide claim Irish heritage), a quality gift from the Emerald Isle would be treasured for years so choose something that could last a lifetime. An example of a truly unique wedding gift idea would be one of the Bunbury chopping boards, created from fallen trees from a forest in the sunny south east. Each cutting board is truly individual, having a unique code that will reveal the history of the board – from where the tree fell, the age of the tree, the type of wood and any other information you would like to know. The boards are available in many different designs, sizes and prices so there is something there to suit everyone’s pocket. The boards are only made from trees that have fallen naturally so this is an extremely eco-friendly choice too.

More suggestions for traditional Irish wedding gifts would be that of beautiful Irish linen, from elaborately decorated large tablecloths to a simple duo of napkins but all of equally excellent quality and design, this is another wedding gift idea that will last the couple a lifetime.

Inspirational Wedding Gifts

What about giving the couple a lovely and unique memento of their day. Inspirational Lovelies are little glass framed and painted pictures by Irish designer Clare Jordan, each one with a inspirational saying. One example is ‘This is a beautiful day’ reminding them of their wedding day but would also set them up for the day ahead when they see it hanging on their wall each morning.

By giving the happy couple something that is original, inspirational, beautiful and yet traditional, you can ensure that you will be remembered as the giver and the gift will be appreciated for many years to come.