Special Wedding Gift Ideas

Invited to a wedding but wondering what to give? Worry no more because here you will find some great and unique wedding gift ideas!

Personalized photo gift

It is a great present especially if you are into photography yourself. It will not blow up your budget but at the same time it will give the couple a great memento, something that they can proudly display in their new home. A few great suggestions would be to take a candid picture of the couple or their favorite vacation spot such as their favorite beach resort. Make sure that it is a great quality picture, and if you have the tools you can give it an artsy effect such as Lomo or Warhol. You should also, frame it.


A newly wed couple would love to own an embosser with their last names and address in it, so that they can personalize gift tags and other items with an establishment of their status as a married couple.

A Video Presentation

You can take videos of the couple’s favorite spots, mix it together with a slideshow of their childhood and teenage pictures, pictures as a couple, and gather testimonials from close family and friends. Turn it into a video presentation and burn it in a sturdy DVD for the couple to enjoy watching, laughing over, and reminiscing for the many years to come.

An Original Piece of Art

If you’re talented in the painting, sketching, or digital art department, then make use of it and create an original piece of art for the couple. Get to know their personal taste before you paint something that they might be too shy to display at home. Frame it to make it extra special.

Unexpected Home Essentials

A composter is probably one of the most unusual but very practical wedding gift ideas that you can give, the couple will surely appreciate it at home, especially for those who love gardening and are environment friendly. Stainless steel flatware is another practical wedding gift idea that will last for a long time, stainless steel flatware in a classic design will be very useful for the couple whether it’s for everyday or for special occasions.

Monogrammed Gifts

Many couples would love to emphasize the fact that they are now married, and you can give them that satisfaction through monogrammed presents. Anything from table napkins with their last names joined with a hyphen, to towels with their initials, they will certainly appreciate these personalized wedding gift ideas.