Wedding Gift Idea

Are you looking for a list of wedding gift idea that is truly unusual towards the wedding couple interests?

Want something unusual so that no one else will get the same. But you really don’t know what to get them as they already have everything they need for their life. And you really don’t want to just give money, right?

Sometimes it can be a challenge to know what to give as a wedding gift. After all, you don’t want the item to end up in the couples closet and then under someone else Christmas tree after the first anniversary! Wedding gifts should be with the couple in mind. They should be affordable but usable at the same time.

A Brand New and Unique Wedding Gift Idea

Recently, there is a unique wedding gift idea in the market – Custom Made Figurine.

If you’ve never hear this idea before, it’s because they are a relatively new concept. But it has been widely use as wedding gift or wedding cake topper nowadays.

Custom made figurine origin from Taiwan. As per wedding gifts, it is hand made item and you are not going to have another same doll with other person. With this unique wedding gift, no two dolls will be the same! For this reason that it is being hand made and each is unique to each other. You and your friend would never have the same gift bought.

Just imagine: how happy the couple is when they see their face on a little doll. Moreover, this personalized wedding gift is the world most unique wedding gift! That is the “ONE AND ONLY DOLL” of it in the world.

The Making of Custom Made Figurines

These custom made figurines are made of high grade polyester resin. Unlike others which are made of clay or even flour, these custom made figurines are made for lasting. This non-toxic clay is harmless and will not corrode with time. They are not easily broken too. It is especially for you! All you need to do is provide few favorite photos of the character you want to create, and they will create a custom made figurine just for you. The professional artists will base on your requirements to do the fabrication of the customized figurine. A complicated process will go through…

Basically, the professional artist will use the photo you provide in the initial fabrication of the customized figurines face shape. When it is done, the figurines will put under high temperature heating process before doing the features of customers. Then, quality control will carry out to ensure the quality that send to customers. A heating process will going through again before the artist work on the make-up and hair-do of the doll.

Upon completion of the customized doll, a final stage of quality control will be made. If any defects are seen, the doll will be rejected and the process has to be repeated again. Due to strict quality control, the production / fabrication process will take a longer period.

Looking For Great Wedding Gift Ideas?

Now that your best friend is getting married, it is your duty to get the perfect present for the couple. But what you also need to take into consideration is the fact that boring presents need to be done away with. Dinner sets and curtains have simply lost their charm and the time has now come to move on to more innovative and creative ideas. So are you looking for great wedding gift ideas? Allow us to be of some assistance to you.

Presents these days focus more on the value of experience. Objects lose their charisma after a certain period of time, but what lives in your memory forever are the experiences. The more enjoyable it is, the tougher it is to forget. So let us have a look at some of the most creative wedding gift ideas that will definitely please the person you have in mind.

Reserve a room: This can be the ideal gift for a newly married couple just before they take off for their honeymoon. You can reserve a room for the couple in one of the most luxurious hotels in town. This is definitely going to be an experience of a lifetime because the couple in question will finally be able to relax after all the tiring social obligations are over.

Gift certificate for restaurants: If you find that the couple will be honeymooning at a destination that is quite familiar to you, you can get a gift voucher of your favorite eatery there. The freshly wedded couple will be able to enjoy a quiet meal together and reflect on the path that lies ahead in their future.

Wine: For those who are connoisseur of good wine, this present would prove to be extra special. You can purchase a bottle of superior quality wine and put a tag on top that instructs the couple to open the bottle only on their tenth anniversary. After the passage of a decade, when the bottle will be finally opened, the first person that the couple would think of is you.

Wedding scrapbook: To make a wedding present special, you have to put in your very own personal touch. You can create a wedding scrapbook for the couple that narrates the story of how the boy met the girl and how things slowly began to fall in place for the two of them. Incorporate their photographs and a few objects that would smell of pleasant nostalgia.

As far as wedding presents are concerned, you have to use your creative spur to ensure that your gift stands out from the run off the mill ones. To ensure that the present expresses the enormous amount of love and affection that you have for the couple, give it your own personal touch.